Costa Rica 310-acre Private Ranch with Stunning Views and Magical Forest!

ID CODE: #3011

Sales Price: US$1,750,000 Reduced to US$1,250,000

  • Land: 124 hectares (310 acres)
  • Construction: 350 m2 (3,800 sq.ft.)
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3

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A healthy, stress-free retreat surrounded by pristine nature in this private 310-acre ranch. Feel and connect with Earth and it's powerful energy in your own protected preserve covered with green magical forest and clean water resources... Reforested wood trees areas with Teak, Cenizaro and Guanacaste, pastures, farm land and several platforms with stunning views where you can continue building your present and future...

Located in the Blue Zone of the Nicoya Peninsula, where it's citizens live longer than the average thanks to special minerals in the water, a healthy diet and a "stress-free" lifestyle... a simple kind of life filled with natural beauty that will bring joy to your spirit!

Located at the top of this amazing property you find this little "oasis" in the middle of the jungle comprised of two small guest houses, splash pool, jacuzzi and two gazebos or ranchos... ​In case you decide to stay longer periods of time in the property, there are ​​plenty of spots to choose from to design and build​ a larger main house, in case you need it.

Present ​constructions are simple but tastefully designed according to the surrounding and strongly built with top quality materials and reforested woods. All of this surrounded by impressive manicured gardens with flowers of all kinds and bougainvilleas, detailed stone walls and amazing vistas everywhere you turn...​

Perfect place to get away from people, work and stress, and to connect with nature!

Vacation ​Guest ​H​ouse #1

This lovely casita has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, integrated living, dining and kitchen... All rooms connect to the outside large covered terrace area with views that will blow your mind, a perfect space for gathering, reading, eating outside or taking a nap at the hammock! A refreshing splash pool next to it will cool and calm you down... Within a short walking distance a panoramic gazebo or rancho, ideal for yoga and exercising!

​Vacation ​Guest ​H​ouse #2

The coziest most romantic little casita you can imagine! Your guests will be delighted and spoiled with the privacy and vistas of this place... One bedroom, one bathroom, small kitchen and dining, terrace with it's private outdoor jacuzzi... and a short walk from it, an amazing panoramic view "palapa" style gazebo will help you awake your senses!

NOTE: ​T​his property is​​ not a beach property, it is a​​ ​country ​farm in the Nicoya Peninsula​. You will need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get to it and to the casitas. It is​ ​about ​5 miles from​​ the paved road, 30 minute drive to nearest beaches and 1+ hour​​ drive to popular tourist coastal destinations in the area.​ If you are looking for beach property, you might want to look at our coastal sections.

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